An understanding of the marketing environment is a prequisite for efficient marketers. This is primary because every marketing units affected by their immediate environment.

In essence, marketing environment can be seen as the sum of the inter-relationship business and between the marketers and the society in management. The word environment does not necessary mean physical environment but it is used to describe all those influence that bears upon the individual organization. In this case organization must be mindful of those environment factors that can militate against their growth and development.

The Nigeria marketing firms is not static it is dynamic in nature i.e. it changes everyday and with this knowledge organization must be able to sense any changes that occurs so as to adopt and a formulate strategy that would enable them to function well in various environment. This project work will be restricted only to those internal environment factors that can have any influence over the operations and the existence of any organization may companies have failed in the past just because of this negligence to recognize the impact those internal endowment accords on their company.

This project work is design in such a way that will enlighten the company and the marketing on how to handle any problem faced by their relationship with there internal environment.


The survival of business organization depends on how people of market patronize a buy of products. Any organization, either profit oriented or non-profit oriented must be able to identify the need of its target and provide product or service to satisfy the need.

Basically, most non-profit organization falls to identify the needs and this leads to the untimely death of such organization mostly government and individual programmes are not people oriented due to this, peop1 decided not to buy profit. The reason may be that the organization lack marketing concepts idea and believe that the organization can produce anything’s are to be saved by this study.


The objectives of this research works include the following:

  1. Making the company arid marketing managers to understand the various factors of business internal environment.
  2. To create awareness about the impact of internal environment factors on the project
  3. Another impact objectives of this research project is to enable us to understand what constitute the company internal environment why is it so, it’s also important to know this internal environment factors, what function do they play in the activities of the organization, what would likely happen if company fail to understand this factors.
  4. To make organization understand how to access a firm Strength and Weakness in there relationship with their internal environment to successful exploits the opportunities and avoids that in an industry.
  5. Failure research: This study will be great importance to future researcher on the subject (impact of internal environment on marketing) because of its growing importance in the growth development organization.


The study on the impact of internal environment on marketing organization will specially be of great importance.

Its world service as a secondary data to aid them in their research, it will also be of use to people who would like to be better findings of this research as they can correct the sort coming of this work developed upon the findings and make meaningful recommendation.

  1. Marketing and Strategic Managers: this study will be of a use to other group like marketing and strategic manager in their various decisions making. And whether to incorporate it into their strategic planning program, they would serve as an aid of creating distinctive advantages.
  2. The researcher: beside the already motional significant, the study expend knowledge of the researcher on a aspect internal environment in addition, the study prepares the researcher for investigative research of higher class or for writing test in future.


This study will be treated with close attention to the industry and its internal environment. This study will also identify if there is any relationship between company and their various internal environment and if any the impact of this internal environment factor on marketing.

Not withstanding, this project not go beyond it areas of interest. Any issue which out the scope stated above will not be addressed as part of this project work. It is directed and restricted to only its ma topic as the main research problem and it’s restricted towards researching for the answer of that problem only.


The research work has been contain as to time, lack of resent and adequate material, unwillingness of the respondent and the case study to give true replies, lack of cooperation of the case study. However, effort has been made to ensure that the above limitation did not hinder effective competition and quality of research work.



The research works seek to indentify the impact of internal environment on marketing organization. (A case study of Shoprite) the main purpose of this research topic is take caution on the relevant to the marketing organization. In essence, marketing environment can be seen as the sum of the inter relationship business an between the marketers and the society management. The survival   of business organization depends on how people of market patronize a buy of products. Any organizations either profit oriented and provide product or service to satisfy the need. Business environment is divided into two; internal and external environment. The internal environment is all factor with the organization which an organization have control over it, while the external environment is all the factor outside the organization which an organization have little no control over it.0The purpose of this study is an attempt to find out the impact of all the factors outside the organization, which provide opportunities or pose threats to the organization.



EDITOR SOURCE:     The Impact Of Internal Environment On Marketing Organization (A Case Study Of Shoprite Ilorin)