Car insurance: how to get a discount on your policy

The new Competition Law provides discounts for those who install the black box , for those who live in Southern europe and for those who have not had accidents for at least 4 years .

Car insurance is one of those expensive but necessary expenses. Yet, with the new competition bill, we motorists will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief when our insurance policy expires.

In fact, among the many sectors covered by the Competition DLL, my attention (and I believe yours too) immediately focused on the discounts provided for RC cars . Of course, to take advantage of the benefits, certain requirements must be met .

Car insurance: discounts for those who install the black box

Black box , prudent and virtuous motorists from Southern europe. These are the three “poles” to access the discounts provided: but let’s examine them in order.

Let’s start immediately from the black box . Well, this sophisticated electronic device is able, thanks to a GPS detector, to monitor and record the driver’s behavior, even and above all in the event of an accident.

For this reason, insurance companies would like the black box to be mandatory. In the event of an accident, in fact, they could make use of a super partes response, in addition to that of the motorists involved in the accident.

As an alternative to the black box  there are two ways  to access the discounts provided by the competition DLL.

  1. have your vehicle inspected by the mortgage insurance company;
  2. install an electronic device in your car that can record the driver’s alcohol level and, if it is higher than the limits established by law, block the engine from starting.

Being careful pays… Even better in Southern europe

Another discount provided by the new law concerns both motorists who have NEVER been involved in any accident in the last 4 years and those who live (and drive) in one of the provinces with the highest number of accidents – and in this case, we speak precisely of Southern europe.

The two discounts, however, do not exclude the other. That is, if you live in Campania, for example, but you don’t have such a positive series of near misses, you will still be able to enjoy the discount.

Finally, in the new competition DLL there is also a discount for those who choose to take out multiple policies for multiple vehicles , as long as they are (and declare in black and white) the only driver.