Car insurance: claims management with the Internet of Things

Connected homes and cars equipped with intelligent connectivity systems are joined by new IoT services for the insurance world, for cheaper and more personalized car insurance.

The Internet of Things to help car insurance, for better claims management and increasingly personalized policies. Already today, various services are available that use the network to make the world of sun coast insurance ever simpler and more efficient.

Car insurance and IoT: customized policies and real-time surveys

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality: connected homes, smart systems mounted in cars, wearable devices that record and communicate data on the network are part of our daily life. And among the infinite possibilities of using the IoT, there are also useful services for the insurance world.

Being able to access information on the vehicle to be insured in real-time or being able to record the scene of an accident are two examples in which the IoT can help for optimal management of liquidations in the event of an accident and a personalized definition of insurance policies.

Insoore: an example of smart management of auto insurance

Insoore is an innovative application that uses the network to allow insurance companies to access certified photographs from which it is possible to reconstruct the dynamics of accidents and manage claims more precisely.

Insoore was born from the partnership between the smart insurance service provider Octo Telematics and the startup Whoosnap. In the event of an accident, the companies will simply have to log into Insoore and ask the certified photographers registered on the platform to go to the site and take the necessary photographic surveys.

The service is also useful when subscribing to a new policy or renewal of insurance coverage: through the photos taken in real-time, the company can evaluate the state of the car and formulate a personalized policy.

The use of IoT technologies at the service of car insurance already allows to reduce costs and to obtain more precise and reliable services.