9 Ways to Add Pastel Shades To Your Home With Rugs

Home decor trends are changing, and it’s hard to keep up with the latest styles. This spring, pastel shades are big news for home interior design. Add a pop of pastels to your home with rugs. A new trend in rugs is adding soft hues of pink, mint green, sky blue, and lavender to your space. Adding pastel shades to your home is a great way to inject life and color into your living space. These colors provide a delicate touch that will make your room feel more feminine and cozy. Rugs are one of the most versatile accessories you can add. They can be used as floor coverings for any room in your house, from an entryway hallway to a bedroom or living room. Keep reading for excellent ideas on how to style your home with these beautiful rugs!

Add an Element of Interest

The first step to styling your home with rugs in pastel shades is choosing the right carpet for your space. When looking at the color, a good starting point is to determine what you want that room’s “main” color tone to be, then look for a pattern or design that will bring out this primary color. For example, if you’re working on a room painted a light pink color, you will probably want to look for a pattern in the same tones. Also, for a neutral theme, the shades of pink, like best peach rugs or pale yellow rugs, will add interest to the area.

Mix and Match Colors & Styles

The next step to styling your home with rugs in pastel shades is choosing another color for your carpet. Again, you want to ensure that the two colors selected are compatible and work well together. If you’re working on a room with mostly neutral tones, it will be easier to choose more than one pattern or design as this will give variety to the space. Another idea is to have a patterned rug in one room and choose a solid color for your living area or bedroom. It will give you more flexibility and save on costs because it’s cheaper to buy one type of rug instead of two or three different ones that work together.

Decorate with a Wide Range of Shades

Go outside the lines and decorate your home in multiple shades for an added effect. People make a common mistake in choosing two different colors, like pink and white, and only using those as accents throughout the room (in items like pillows or throw rugs). The mix of shades will add depth and texture to your room. It will also make your room appear small and confined because it’s only using two colors. Instead, use three or four different shades in the same color family (like pink) to create a more prominent appearance for your home. Even if you’re not an artist, it doesn’t mean that you can still decorate with multiple pastels throughout your home.

A Great Neutral Piece

Rugs can also be used as a great neutral piece in your home. If you’re looking to add rugs without making too much of an investment or committing yourself long-term to one style or design, neutral rugs are an excellent option for you. They can be used in small rooms to ground the space and make it appear larger or used as an accent in bigger rooms where something more colorful is needed. The pastel shades work great with these neutral rugs because they can help diversify the room and give it a more calming effect.

Creating A Cohesive Look

The great thing about neutral rugs is that they can be easily incorporated into contemporary and traditional homes, allowing you to create cohesive looks by blending colors and patterns. This way, you don’t have to worry about clashing colors, and you can avoid being too matchy-matchy. It provides a lot of flexibility when decorating your home with rugs in pastel shades or other types of neutral color options. The mats can tie the room together. The Clean, Simple Effect Of Pastel Shades Like light pink or blue rugs, pastel shades are those colors that look clean and simple. They’re perfect for adding to any space in your home because they don’t overwhelm or distract from other elements within the room.

Layering Rugs In Neutral Tones

Rug placement can also add an extra element or layer to your room if you’re using multiple pastel shades and want to create that appearance without commitment. This rug adds another design element into the mix, creating a unique feel to your room. It doesn’t take much effort or money because you can use inexpensive rugs in neutral shades like grey, tan and white. Add flair to the look by mixing in a patterned carpet, which will add another texture and element of design.

Harmonious Tones For A Calm Mood

If you’re going for serenity, ease, and tranquility when designing your room, pastel rugs are an ideal choice. They have this harmonizing effect when they’re combined. It’s a mixture of colors to please the eye and create an overall sense of calm in your space. You can add rugs in soft, subtle shades like lavender or blush pink if you want a serene pastel rug for home decorating ideas. The soothing and peaceful colors of a pastel rug will give a calming effect to your living room or bedroom, so you can have one if you want to feel relaxed.

A Great Accent Piece

When purchasing your rug, choose one that will make a statement when placed under furniture. It’s the best way to add color without overwhelming the eye. The pastel colors will create a beautiful contrast when paired with darker pieces. For example, consider using an aqua blue area rug under your brown couch or adding a soft pink shag rug next to the black chair in the corner.

Color Blocking For More Contrast And Dimension

If you’re going for more contrast and dimension in your space, then color blocking might be the way to go. This technique involves using two or more colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, you could have a rug in black and white to match your bedding with pops of red for some contrast. The key is pairing contrasting shades together, so they balance out. This technique works best when used sparingly since it can be jarring if not done correctly.

On a Nutshell

For a way to add some color and softness into your space, pastel-colored rugs are the perfect solution. These colors work well with other neutral colors like white or grey as they will help bring soothing vibes to any room of your home. Plus, if you want to change up the look of an area without spending too much money on new furniture, these shades can be easily used throughout different rooms by simply swapping out one rug for another! At RugKnots, we have many options of rugs in pastel shades for you to choose from. Ranging anywhere from pale pink, yellow, blue, and more – there’s bound to be the perfect rug that will fit your specific style!