Complete Guide: Everything You Should Know About Letterhead

When you start a company the crucial step is to design an official letterhead for your company. Which contain the company’s basic information and your contact details and don’t forget about the logo of your company. The most important thing in letterhead printing is to ensure that the quality of print should be great. So that when someone looks at your company’s letterhead they should think about you as a professional.

We know that letterhead designing can be a real challenge but at times the letterhead of a company is the first thing that the other company interacts with. Well, sometimes it is used to strengthen the company’s brand name. It is important that you put all the right information on your letterhead but the design and printing are as important as any other thing. Want to know other important things about letterhead? Read the article to the end.

Purpose of a letterhead printing

Collective recognition

Office stationery such as letterhead plays an important role in brand recognition. Every stationery that is sent from a company whether it is a letter, invoices, or an envelope should build a coherent and noticeable identity of a brand. The logo and the address of a company should be on every material for marketing. The basic aim is that the public should be able to immediately know who the letters are from just by a single glance at the logo. The goal of a letterhead is also to instill the company’s name in the public’s mind.

Visual appeal

What is the main purpose of a letterhead? It is to deliver the message to the receiver. The design of a letterhead should not be so bustling and make sure the graphics are also not large that there is little to no room to type a letter. Designers should keep in mind that the background image has to be light so it couldn’t interfere with the text readability. Letterhead should be designed in a way that it can carry on visually with the agency’s brand identity with the help of logo and color choice.

Basic information about a company

A company should include all the basic information in the letterheads. The website of a company, email address, company’s address, contact information, everything necessary should be prominent enough so that people can see it properly. But not too much that there is no space left for the message to type.


Letterheads are created to show commitment and professionalism to the receiver. When you create a letterhead it shows that you are serious and devoted to your work. Moreover, when a client gets a letter noted down on the letterhead it makes a good impression on the possible customer. However, keep in mind that the more the letterhead printing quality would be great, the more your potential client would take you seriously.

Used for communication purpose

The main purpose of a letterhead is to communicate with your clients. It looks professional when a company has its own professional letterhead and it makes a great impression on your potential client.

Some tips about letterhead designing

Simplicity is the key

Keep your letterhead design as simple as you can because you are not designing a dress for a party in which you can add whatever you like. When designing a company’s official letterhead, you should make sure that the design is simple and feels professional in the hand. Always remember that your design should display the content by all means.

The right software is important

The best tools to design a letterhead are InDesign and Illustrator. Although you can use photoshop for this purpose these tools are more preferable. This is because these tools have more great typography controls. But if you only have the photoshop option and you are printing it commercially, you should probably consult with your print supplier for your letterhead printing.

Can also add up special effects

Want to print letterheads professionally? You should think of what kind of special effects you should utilize to create an extra noticeable design. The simple way that you can add smoothness to your letterhead is to print it in solid colors. You can also consider a spot-UV design that reflects light differently on the non-UV printed areas and this looks impressive.

Use colors conservatively

Color is the best way to highlight some important areas, it can grab attention pretty easily. Colors are used to communicate specific emotions and ideas, build an association and also strengthen branding. Color is the only thing that can either make your brand or break it.


Letterhead printing should be precise so that it can represent that you are a professional and take your work seriously. All of the things like design, color, theme, everything matters while designing a letterhead.