Shocking secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you

Well, while some look down on the job of flight attendants, other doesn’t understand its importance. However, their job is never limited to serving food and drinks and has a thorough goal. And the biggest aim of this goal is customer safety amidst any condition the airplane goes through.

Most of the time travelers end up thinking of the flight attendant’s job as the easier one. Although they don’t consider the efforts put into a successful flight and handling a pity passenger. However, this job has also made flight attendants realize some facts that you don’t know. Wondering what are the shocking secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you? Well, then read our article till the end to know what your flight attendants aren’t telling you.

Let’s know the shocking secrets your flight attendant won’t tell you

No one likes to be treated like a waiter

We shouldn’t say the word waiter because we respect the job, but we don’t understand why people look down on them. For us, both flight attendants and waiters have respected professions and nothing to be looked down on. However, may passenger doesn’t agree with our statement and treats them like personal butlers. While some others think that the only job that flight attendants have is to serve them food and drinks.

Being a flight attendant is never a cakewalk, and they have to go through extensive training. This training doesn’t only educate them to serve passengers, but they also learn the technicalities. A flight attendant has deep knowledge about different parts of an airplane and how it walks. They are also trained to keep the passengers safe in any condition and thus in mishappening your life depends on them.

Their job isn’t a cakewalk

Well, it is a common belief that flight attendants earn more by just being glamourous waiters. However, as we stated earlier, their job role is much wider and they have bigger responsibilities on their shoulders. Also, they have to go through extensive training, which many fail to pass by the end.

Further, on long flights like Direct flights to Germany from USA while you will be sitting in comfort flight attendants will be serving you even with sore feet.

They rate your clothes

It is a common human trait to check others clothes and flight attendant never fails to notice what you are wearing. An experienced flight attendant who doesn’t want to reveal her name told us about rating airport looks. And she further told us that the first thing they notice in a passenger is his clothes and attitude.

According to her, while some passengers look like they have put the effort into their clothing and look positive. The others look like they have put on whatever is the first thing they found in their wardrobe. Thus, dressing well for your airport look and greeting the flight staff with a small can make you earn brownie points.

They know about the airplane food being super unhealthy

Well, you may not know but a flight attendant surely does that how unhealthy the airport food is. Well, you must understand this, by the way, the food looks but if not we are confirming you. Airplane food is rich in carbohydrates, processed fats, salt, sugar, and oil and is unhealthy. Further, this food can easily give you constipation, bloating, or a running stomach and is bad for your gut health.

Thus, it is always beneficial to look for other food options like nearby restaurants to the airport. For long flights like a Flight from USA to London, you can pack up snacks to munch upon. These snacks can include salads, fruits, dry fruits, roasted peanuts, and green sandwiches. Further, this will help you not to be too dependent on airplane food and stay healthy.

Ringing the bell often is a big no

However, it is completely ok to ring the bell when you need something it is wrong to ring it frequently. Further, many flight attendants think it’s their right to ring the bell every 5 minutes. While some other finds it funny and cool which it surely isn’t to ring the bell frequently. And one thing this does is it pisses of the flight attendants and they start disliking you.

However, they won’t treat you in a bad way but treating them like your personal butler isn’t right. Also, you may not have any other work while flying but they have loads of it and have to do it all. Plus, you aren’t on a chartered flight where they have no one else to serve beside you. Thus, it is always good to be aware of your surroundings and respect flight attendants’ job as well.

They can swear by the plane being unhygienic

Well, we aren’t saying the plane wasn’t clean when it took off from the airport but it isn’t when it landed. Thus, if you are planning to walk down the airplane aisle barefoot try reconsidering your decision. Every airplane aces a lot of accidents in the air including nose bleeds, food spilling, and much more. Also, flight attendants have limited in-flight resources to keep everything as clean as new.

Thus, believing the plane is 100% hygienic and not using your sanitizers won’t be the correct choice. Also, don’t count walking barefoot up or down on the airplane aisle.
Non-turning off your electronic is unsafe for everyone on the flight

Many passengers ignore the multiple requests of the flight attendant to turn off their phones. Well, the fact to know is that you should do it by yourself as otherwise, you are inviting problems for everyone. There are reasons behind the multiple requests made on an airplane and you must adhere to them.

Further, the communication between the airplane cockpit and the air traffic can be disturbed because of electronics. And thus, the whole flight can be in danger because of your negligence and ununderstanding. Thus, as soon as the flight attendant requests you to shut down your electronics do this to not be a threat to everybody.