Tech products you need for a modern home

Innovative technology products help you have a modern home. Like the living room, kitchen, living habits, and house cleaning, the security of your home becomes more modern and convenient.

In addition to upgrading electronic devices for work and lifestyle such as phones and laptops, buying technology for the home will help you have more time to enjoy life and reduce the hassles in life. Usually, your ordinary home becomes a convenient smart home with the following intelligent technology products.

Smart Rice Cooker

The rice cooker is an indispensable device in the kitchen of every modern family. This will be a great choice to bring delicious, quality meals and is an excellent assistant for modern homemakers.

Besides the highlight is the highly luxurious design, suitable for all kitchen spaces; the intelligent rice cooker is also specially equipped with many modern technologies different from conventional rice cookers. Thereby bringing more convenience to the cooking operation of the user.

Smart dishwasher

Like a dedicated assistant who makes cleaning up after a meal easy and quick, at the end of the meal, you put all the dishes and chopsticks in the washing machine for about 40 minutes, and everything is done.

Using a dishwasher, hands will not have to contact chemicals such as dishwashing liquid, not harmful to needles, especially for those with sensitive skin. Famous dishwasher brands include Bosch (Germany), Giovani (Italy), Kaff (German brand but factory in Malaysia), Electrolux,…

Take advantage of discount codes and coupons when buying smart dishwashers to make a meaningful gift for your extraordinary woman with the upcoming holiday season.

Smart Air Purifier

An intelligent air purifier is necessary for every family when air quality is an alarming health problem today. This is one of the quality air purifier versions from Xiaomi, which is a solution to help users be more proactive in bringing fresh air to their family’s living space.

Moreover, the device can connect to the application available on smartphones that support both Android and iOS platforms. From there, users can monitor air quality, set schedules, operating modes, filter reminders, … anywhere with just their smartphone.

In addition, the intelligent air purifier device is also supported by a competent assistant through the Google Home platform, and Assistant users can give voice commands to control the air purifier.

Smart floor cleaning robot

Intelligent robot vacuum cleaners have gradually become essential equipment in modern homes. With the ability to effectively clean and operate extremely smoothly and intelligently, Roborock radiant floor cleaning robot will be a choice worth considering.

The robot can be removed and cleaned easily. The E11 filter is coated with waterproof Teflon, gives 95% filtration efficiency, and has a useful service life of up to 1 year. The user can remove the filter and clean as needed; recommended cleaning time is one week/time.

The manufacturer is also equipped with silencer pads to help reduce noise optimally for a quieter working process.

Smart Door Lock

Forgetting or dropping the key is a common problem with traditional locks. Fingerprint lock also eliminates this risk and other benefits such as Fingerprint-based security; No longer carrying a bunch of keys, leaving the house without problems; Friendly, and is easy to use…

Today, the most popular fingerprint door lock brands are Samsung, Hafele, Adel, Xiaomi, ZKTeco… Smart door locks are equipped with a unique design to highlight the sophistication and high-end of the installation space.

The overall lock is machined monolithic with high-quality materials and high hardness; the surface is painted to prevent stains and scratches. A brilliant and sensitive artificial fingerprint unlocking algorithm is equipped. The fingerprint is hidden through the integrated module in the handle, meaning that users only need to hold the handle to open the door conveniently.

With modern technologies such as the most modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology equipped on Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock for stable synchronization with Xiaomi’s Mi home App via smartphone. On the App interface, in addition to the remote door opening function, you can also monitor and check the door entry, manage the door lock / unlock log, set alarms, manage and track more, and delete people. Use. Brilliant home links can automatically turn on the lights when the user opens the door to the house at night.

Induction kitchen faucet

The induction kitchen faucet is the ultimate utility product to help you complete smart home, as it serves most of the daily needs of each family. Thanks to the production of lead-free copper with an RO filter, homemakers can rest assured of using the cooking water flowing from the faucet.

Most significantly, this faucet model owns up to 3 water lines, both saving space and is easy to use in the kitchen, instead of having to use separate kitchen faucets and RO water filter faucets. Not stopping there, it also integrates Motion Sense’s touch technology. Simple hand movements will trigger the outflow of water. Users do not need to touch the faucet, thereby reducing the spread of germs.


The above article is an article that shares the technology products you need for a modern home. I hope this article will help you make your own choice. And do not forget about discounts and promotions when buying intelligent technology products to save.