Advantages of homemade bronzer

The advantages of preparing your own sunless bronzer with care and measure are:

  • You’ll avoid the strange orange color that sometimes comes from store-bought items.
  • You can customize the exact color you want by changing the recipe a bit.
  • It is less expensive than its store bought equivalent.
  • The recipes do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Some may have a relatively long-lasting result.
  • To get the best results from these homemade self-tanners and to be most effective, be sure to check out our tips on applying sunless tanners .

I’m going to start with a confession: When I was in school, and even a few times in college, I occasionally used UV booths to maintain my tan.

Now I look back and I can’t believe I did that. Tanning beds are dangerous for everyone, but especially those who are redheads or have sensitive skin.

My skin is the color of a cotton ball in its natural state and when it has been a shade darker, it is close to something that could be called “light beige.” It was stupid of me to go to a UV booth, and I will never do it again.

When I stopped visiting these booths, I looked for other methods to tan, darken my skin, and look more attractive.

I’ve tried some self tanners over the years, but never used them much for a few reasons: they smelled awful, they were dirty, and they were made from an unknown assortment of chemicals.

Today there are many products that tan the skin with spectacular results and that make it possible for you to get a nice tan without sunbathing or UVA rays.

But apart from the self-tanning items that are sold in stores, I still like to wear shorts and skirts most of the time and that’s why I started searching, reading and experimenting and I think I have a homemade self-tanning formula and natural that does exactly what you wanted it to do.

My legs have gone from looking pale to a touch of gold, and I dare say it, they work, although we prefer the self-tanners that we announce on our page.