How to choose the right carpet cleaning professional for your home?

Regular and systematic carpet cleaning is essential for a clean and healthy lifestyle. A lot of dirt, dust, allergens, and even health-threatening germs accumulate in carpets. People are prone to respiratory illnesses such as asthma or allergies due to dust accumulation. Regular carpet cleaning eliminates all these potential health problems.

Guidelines and standards for cleaning

The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a non-profit organization, provides guidelines and standards for professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning not much effective

You can clean the carpet yourself with a vacuum cleaner, but this is time-consuming and not very effective compared to professional cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners can do the job with the right equipment and using cleaning chemicals, shampoos, and detergents.

best techniques applied

Since they are trained to deal with stains and germs, they can give you the level of cleanliness you want and your carpet will look cleaner and fresher. When expert knowledge goes hand in hand with the best techniques applied to different types of fabrics and expensive carpets, you are bound to get the desired results.

Use carpets for long time

There is a misconception that professional carpet cleaning is expensive. It can be a bit costly, but in the long run, it is worth it because the carpet can be used for a long time without losing its freshness and cleanliness. If you don’t clean the carpet properly, you will have to replace it after a while.

Professional carpet cleaning includes steam cleaning, simple cleaning with a rotating brush, the absorption method, dry extraction with foam, dry extraction and vacuum extraction.

Vacuum extraction

is a very simple method. It simply sucks out the dirt and dust. Anyone can do this with a vacuum cleaner. The only drawback is that it must be done regularly, daily.

Steam cleaning

involves treating carpets with an alkaline substance under pressure and at high temperatures. The carpet surface is thoroughly rinsed and vacuumed.

An acetic acid solution

is used to neutralize the alkaline residue to preserve the quality of the carpet fibers. With the proper equipment, carpet drying is completed in 6 hours. Each carpet cleaning with liquid detergent, shampoo, or steam cleaning should be followed by carpet drying.

Carpet drying

is also done with machines that do not destroy the quality of the fabric. The disadvantage of this method is that the area is not immediately usable until it is completely dry and functional.

stain and soil remover

Professional carpet cleaners use a stain and soil remover when cleaning the carpet. This extends the life of the carpet and makes cleaning easier without causing unnecessary scrubbing.

fiber protectants

Sometimes cleaners use fiber protectants or protectors when cleaning the carpet. This forms a protective layer on the carpet fibers and prevents stains or dirt from appearing immediately after cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended because of the long-term results. For more details regarding professional cleaning services in Sydney please visit Clean Couches Sydney.