9 labeling requirements your Cannabis brand can’t miss

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace, and that means custom packaging boxes are needed more than ever before. Brands of cannabis need to make sure they have a good box for their product. They should pay attention to the labels. The one thing you don’t want to do is be caught with outdated hemp pre-roll packaging or no sleeve or tray box at all!

A lot of businesses are switching to custom branded packaging for hemp pre-roll packaging. Most companies in America have done this. This is a great idea for your business if you want it to succeed. Investing in quality packaging wholesale will help your company grow and succeed.

  1. Be sure to use a high-quality printer for your labels.

Custom boxes are great because they are seen by so many people. They can be seen by people who walk by, online, or when they are being shipped across the country. You can choose from many different sleeves to use for your custom packaging. The sleeve boxes wholesale are good for any type of product, like something small or big. You will need to find one that fits what you have perfectly.

  1. Label your products with a date of manufacture and expiration date

The sleeve and tray boxes wholesale will let your product stand out from the rest.

There are many different sleeve box designs that you can use for custom packaging. You want to make sure that it fits what is inside of it, though. If you have a large flower container, then you want them in a bigger sleeve box.

The hemp pre-roll packaging keeps the joints together and helps protect them from breaking. This makes all of the joints look uniform and professional. When people buy online, they like getting things shipped to their house, so put custom printing on our boxes and sleeves.

  1. Include the weight or volume of contents on the label

You want to make sure that you include the weight or volume of contents on your custom sleeve. You can do this by putting a small circle with an in it and then writing the number inside of the box. This will show people how much product there is in each sleeve.

Custom boxes are made for companies that need them quickly and cheaply. They come flat and can be stored anywhere until you want to use them. Custom boxes are great because they will always be useful to ship items no matter how big your business gets.

  1. Place all required labeling information in an easy-to-read, conspicuous location on each container.

The sleeve and tray boxes are great because they can be used to package virtually anything. They come in all different sizes, so you can get the exact size that you need for your product packaging. You should always make sure that you include the weight or volume of contents on your custom sleeve.

Custom boxes are a good choice for many people. You can buy them wholesale or get them from a company that makes them. They work well if you have small items, too. When it comes to custom sleeves vs. other types of packaging materials, they all have good and bad aspects depending on what kind of products you are shipping.

  1. Include your company’s name, the strain, and its THC/CBD content

You can also choose to include a slogan or a short description if you feel the need.

Custom sleeve boxes are good for many things, but there are specific rules to follow before using them. You can decorate the box and print on it without any problems, but you cannot cover up the opening of the sleeve.

  1. Use a universal symbol to show that it is cannabis.

For example, a green leaf. This makes it easy for the recipient to identify what is inside without having to open up your sleeve box and take out all of your products.

If you do not put this symbol on the sleeve or outside of the sleeve, then federal law allows anyone over 21 years old in America to buy them from any place, for example, an online retailer like Amazon.

You need to put warning labels on every package. They should say that the product might make you sleepy and might be addictive. Put a different label somewhere else on the box.

  1. Have an accurate description of what the product does or how it works

If you use sleeve boxes, then only put the product name on them. If your brand is a sleeve box and a custom white-label, have one for each of them so that they are different from each other.

For example, if you want to sell loose pre-rolls but also sell hemp flowers in glass jars, then put both names separately on the custom sleeve and tray box lid or outside of sleeve boxes. Do not include any ingredients.

It can be illegal to list all the cannabinoids that are inside your products without having to get an expensive license first. When you take cannabinoids, either by smoking or eating them, it might have different effects. There are about 80 cannabinoids that we know about right now, and scientists don’t even know which ones affect people differently.

  1. Label any warnings about things like potential side effects or interactions with other drugs

On the sleeve boxes that you use, you need to put warnings. For example, tell people that it is illegal for them to drive a car or operate heavy machinery after using hemp flowers from your sleeve boxes. You also need to let customers know if the sleeve box contains THC, and they’re not supposed to eat it if they are pregnant, to breastfeed, or have certain types of cancer without first consulting their doctor.

Labels with requirements can be found in Article 19 of the CBD Act that Parliament passed last summer. This is important because these rules will help protect consumers and ensure that businesses follow basic standards. The labels will also give authorities license holders access so they can better monitor compliance with those laws.

  1. Follow state labeling guidelines if there are any specific requirements in your area.

When you are making cannabis products, it is important to know that some people should not eat them. If they have certain types of cancer, for example, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. These people should consult their doctor first before eating their cannabis products.

In the CBD Act, you can find rules that will help protect consumers and businesses. In Article 19, labels with requirements are found. This is important because these rules give authorities the license to better monitor compliance with those laws.

If you are in a country where they have rules for how to make boxes, then you need to know them before your start designing.


You have to be sure that you are complying with all of the labeling requirements in order to stay on the right side of the law. The 9 labeling requirements for your Cannabis brand can’t include a clear indication as to whether this is medical or recreational marijuana, THC content, date and time stamping, child-resistant packaging, ingredients list, product warnings, and disclaimers (especially if it contains nicotine), nutritional information including calories per serving size and more. Get quality CBD pre-roll packaging now!